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Facebook Marketing Tips

Facebook is one of the most powerful marketing tools you can use for business. In order to stand out amongst the crowd you must give people a reason to become fans. You have to have what they want or they will go elsewhere.

So how do you use Facebook to market your business?

Custom Landing Pages: Statistics show that custom landing pages generate 60% more leads than standard pages. Encourage people to ‘like’ your page in order to receive a ground breaking report, free trial offer of your products or a coupon.

Sponsored Stories: what are sponsored stories?

They are messages from your fans who engage in conversation on your fan page. The friends of your fans can then see who has liked, commented or shared your information. Sponsored stories stay in the news stream for a longer time, giving you greater reach.

Engage with your target audience:

One of the best ways to find the answers to your questions about what fans like, is to ask. Find out what you audience likes, what they want and what they enjoy. When you can provide your audience with these things, you will have loyal fans forever.

You could also pin a question to the top of your fan page. The question could be as simple as; what else would you like to see here? Why beat your head against the wall wondering what your fans want, when asking them is so much easier.

Communication is Key:

Social media is the same as word-of-mouth advertising. Good communication builds your reputation and your business quickly. When someone likes your business and your brand they will tell others. Before you post anything to your page make sure that your audience will appreciate it. This is one of the reasons that you must target the right niche.

Facebook advertising:

Facebook advertising works. It is very easy to set up an ad and advertise your products and services. Your ad or promotion will stay in the news feed until your budget runs out. In a short period of time you can make lots of sales and have people join your page. If you haven’t tried paid ads yet, you should give it a go and see how effective it can be.

If you follow these simple and easy to implement steps, you will see the benefits of your marketing pay off quickly.


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