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Getting Targeted Traffic Using Social Media

Getting traffic using Social media has overtaken traditional traffic generation methods in leaps and bounds. Many business owners know the importance of social media, but are unsure about how to use if effectively.

Using social media for traffic generation is not only smart, it is following suit with the search engines that look for these ‘signals’ as one of the top criteria to calculate improved page ranking for websites.

So why do many business owners shun social media?

Social media can be a very fickle place to do business. If the content of your page does not speak to your audience people will ‘like’ and ‘unlike’ your page on daily basis.

How do you make sure that your social media sites are sending traffic to your website?      

Follow these four easy steps:

Blog, Blog, Blog

Blogging has become one of the most powerful ways to drive traffic to your website. Fresh, informative, engaging and up-to-date content is the number one ways to achieve this. When you create a blog you should tell the world. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and article sharing sites should be where you syndicate your content. You can upload your blog and articles about your blog to places like Ezine articles,, Slideshare and to name just a few.

Shareable Content On Your Website

If your website never changes, why would people continue to visit?

Sites that post fresh content on a regular basis rank higher in the Google search engines. You can also curate a few of your top articles, put them in a PDF and tell people they can download the information from your website.  Share your content to everyone, and let them know they can also share your content too. This begets the viral action you want.

Make It Easy To Share Content

Your website should contain social media plug-ins and share buttons. When reading your content, all they have should have to do is press a button to share it with others. Remember to put a call to action on the bottom of your content. Ask people to comment and share your information. This one simple step can get you loads of traffic.

Advertise Your Website Everywhere

Every social media platform has multiple ways to advertise your website. For example, Facebook allows you to build your profile using your about page. You should add your website address here. When people read about you they don’t have to go looking for the link. The same can be done with Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and YouTube. Building these links into all of your profiles will help you with traffic generation. Cross promote with other social media page owners and swap links to generate even more traffic.

Use these four easy ways to generate more traffic using social media. Start today and watch your traffic explode!



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