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How To Use Google Analytics

While there are an endless amount of tools, techniques, and tactics for boosting your online business through the roof, the fact of the matter is that none of them, yes, none of them are as effective as using the information you’re able to pull out of Google Analytics.

A tool specifically designed to give you real time information (or as close to it as humanly possible) about all of the visitor interactions that your website enjoys around-the-clock, Google Analytics can provide you with the answers for optimizing every piece of your online business if only you pay close attention to what it is telling.

How Do I Use Google Analytics?

You will need to understand the foundational elements of the platform before anything else!      

It’s almost too easy to become overwhelmed by everything that Google Analytics has to offer, simply because it is such a powerhouse tool offering an amazing amount of options, power, and data that you may never have even considered before.

But avoid all inclinations to become a bit overwhelmed by the system, and focus on the necessary details and basics before you dive into the more intense and advanced features.

Of course, this is only possible if you start off with an idea of what kind of information you’re looking for in the first place.

This is the most important thing to keep in mind when trying to learn how to use Google Analytics, and is probably the step that most people forget on a regular basis.

While you’ll have at your fingertips and endless amount of detailed information about your customers, visitors, and business, your entire sales funnel, really the truth is that unless you know what kind of answers you’re looking for it’s like staring at a map without having any real destination. All of the information is there, but it’s useless unless you know where you’re trying to go.

The things that you should be paying close attention to are how many customers are coming to your website on an average day, where they are coming from, how long they stay for, what kinds of information or pages they are clicking on the most, How often they are returning, and when they decide to purchase whatever it is you have for sale.

Now, these are simply just a small list of the important details you’ll need to know when trying to learn how to use Google Analytics, and they may not be the exact same ones that you’re interested in but they are a fantastic jumping off point.

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