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Facebook Marketing For Local Business Owners

Facebook is no longer a site where people set up profiles to connect with their friends and family.  There are many opportunities for businesses to use this site to increase their customer base and profits.  Speaking of businesses, local business owners in particular can really see great results from using the site.  It costs very little to set up your profile and the pay off can be huge if you use this site correctly.

Here are a few tips that can help you market your business on Facebook.

Tip 1: Post Exclusive Coupons and Discounts – How do you get people to add you on Facebook, using a great incentive can be an exclusive coupon or discount for adding you.  Tell your existing email list or blog followers to join you on Facebook for a special deal.  If the offer is attractive enough, you will start building a large number of fans.       (Continued)

Getting Targeted Traffic Using Social Media

Getting traffic using Social media has overtaken traditional traffic generation methods in leaps and bounds. Many business owners know the importance of social media, but are unsure about how to use if effectively.

Using social media for traffic generation is not only smart, it is following suit with the search engines that look for these ‘signals’ as one of the top criteria to calculate improved page ranking for websites.

So why do many business owners shun social media?

Social media can be a very fickle place to do business. If the content of your page does not speak to your audience people will ‘like’ and ‘unlike’ your page on daily basis.

How do you make sure that your social media sites are sending traffic to your website?       (Continued)

Social Media For Small Business

Many small business owners know the value of social media, but are unsure how to utilize it effectively. Setting up your social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest is just the beginning. You must target the right people if you hope to make sales.

So, how do you use your social media platforms effectively?

Follow these six simple steps:

Define Your Goals

What are your goals in using social media for your business? What do you hope to accomplish? Do you want more sales, customer loyalty or brand awareness?

Answering these questions will help you build an effective social media strategy to help your business.       (Continued)

How To Use Google Analytics

While there are an endless amount of tools, techniques, and tactics for boosting your online business through the roof, the fact of the matter is that none of them, yes, none of them are as effective as using the information you’re able to pull out of Google Analytics.

A tool specifically designed to give you real time information (or as close to it as humanly possible) about all of the visitor interactions that your website enjoys around-the-clock, Google Analytics can provide you with the answers for optimizing every piece of your online business if only you pay close attention to what it is telling.

How Do I Use Google Analytics?

You will need to understand the foundational elements of the platform before anything else!       (Continued)